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City Water and Sewer

Every project is backed by a broad foundation of experience and expertise. Clients are guaranteed quality performance and successful completion of all projects.

City Water and Sewer services:

Related City Water and Sewer Projects:


Project Type


Ihlen Sanitary Sewer

Force Main Sewer System

Ihlen, MN

Sibley Interceptor Line

Interceptor Main Line - New Development

Sibley, IA


Rural Water

Installing over 1,000 miles of rural water pipeline, Thorstad has the reputation for being an industry leader in rural water. From startup of new rural water systems to additions to existing systems, Thorstad has the experience to successfully complete projects of any size through any conditions.

By extending a road bore, plowing through a difficult area, or finding another solution, Thorstad goes the extra mile to keep a project on schedule. A large fleet of equipment and skilled staff make it possible to move quickly to meet a system’s deadline in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Rural Water Services:

Related Projects:

Project Name


Miles installed

BDM Rural Water

Britton, SD

200 Miles

Mid Dakota Rural Water

Pierre, SD

430 Miles

BY Rural Water

Tyndall, SD

95 Miles

King Brook

Arlington, SD

40 miles of 8” & 12” pipe

Web Rural Water

Aberdeen, SD

110 miles

Perkins County Rural Water

Bison, SD

125 miles

Dry Prairie

Culbertson, MT

23 miles of 14’’ DI pipe