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Beethoven Wind Farm

Tripp, South Dakota

Beethoven Wind Farm is an 80MW wind farm consisting of 43 GE 1.85MW wind turbines. Our team collectively engineered, procured and constructed the wind farm including the installation of turbine foundations, turbine erection and mechanical completion, collection system, SCADA system, substation, 7 miles of transmission line, and all necessary roads. Working with the local utility company, we also tied our substation into the Tripp Junction substation via 7 miles of T-Line.

Careful planning, collaboration, and execution were required to prepare the foundations for turbine deliveries. All 43 foundations, from the first excavation to the last yard of concrete, were completed in a well managed 25 working days.

Four weeks after the foundation completions, all turbines were on site. Although Mother Nature dealt the project an extremely early winter, proper planning, seamless communication and teamwork ensured the compressed schedule was maintained and the project preserved its budget with no added costs in Change Orders.

A key component of the Beethoven project involved integral design and layout. Great effort was made to successfully ensure that construction had zero wetlands impact.