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Spion Kop

Geyser, Montana

The Spion Kop Wind Project consisted of 25 GE 1.6MW turbines on a 40 MW farm. Our team was the EPC contractor which designed and constructed the roads, foundations, and substation, erected the wind turbines, O & M Building and installed the collection system. In addition to the EPC scope, our team brought construction financing to the project and purchased the turbines. The project financing assisted the developer through the last hurdles and made the Spion Kop Wind Project a reality.

Located at the base of the Highwood Mountains, the terrain presented numerous challenges in the form of steep inclines and elevation changes. During the construction phase there were limited areas where cranes could maneuver and components could be stored.

To ensure that the delivery of materials and turbine parts was executed smoothly, the team carefully planned site logistics and worked closely with experienced transportation specialists.

The windy conditions that made the site so ideal for capturing wind energy also required special adaptations to our schedule. The project team worked all hours of the day to avoid costly wind delays as well as COD delays. When working “odd” hours our projects team was extra cautious to ensure everyone was thinking through the tasks at hand. With an intense attention to detail, team collaboration and a new level of thinking, the project was completed on schedule and within budget.