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Elkhorn Ridge Wind Farm

Bloomfield, Nebraska

The Elkhorn Ridge Wind farm is located in the northeast corner of Nebraska, just miles from the nearby town of Bloomfield. The twenty-seven, 3.0 megawatt Vestas turbines used in this project are some of the largest commercial turbines currently in use in the United States. Our team’s role on this project was an EPC contractor. We designed and constructed the roads, foundations, substation, and operations and maintenance building, erected the wind turbines and installed the collection system.

The project was on a tight schedule and required close coordination between disciplines as well as local government, utilities and farmers.

Responsiveness to questions, requests, and care of the properties were instrumental in building positive relationships with landowners.

Our team worked with local government officials to improve existing roadways to accommodate the heavy and long loads. Moving the erection crane from site to site made it necessary to drop existing power lines. Collaboration with the local utilities minimized disruption to area businesses, farms and residences.

Through a concentrated effort, a new level of thinking, and a focus on collaboration, the Thorstad team completed this project ahead of schedule.