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Pioneer Wind Park I

Glenrock, Wyoming

Pioneer Wind Park I is an 80 MW wind turbine farm near Glenrock, WY, where 46 GE, 1.85 MW wind turbine generators span from a canyon to a mountain range. Through a concentrated effort, a new level of thinking, and a focus on collaboration, the Thorstad team completed this project creatively and efficiently.

Record snow and rainfall early in the project required additional attention to ensure the county roads were upgraded while maintaining accessibility to local residences. The project’s single surface access point is through six miles of canyon road. Multiple sections of the road had a 14% grade; careful coordination was necessary to ensure all deliveries made it to the turbine pads safely. Our team safely coordinated road shutdowns to allow one-way traffic to accommodate large deliveries to the site including all turbine components, cranes, and rebar.

On the Pioneer Wind Park I project, Thorstad Companies installed the first aircraft detection system approved by the Federal Aviation Authority. The radar-activated lighting technology mitigates the impact of flashing lights on the local community. The FAA lights are activated when an aircraft is detected.

Project Highlights:

  • EPC contract included negotiated
    acceptance of certain Geotechnical and
    Wind Delay Risks
  • On time and on budget
  • Excavated and poured 46 foundations
    in 25 days
  • Multiple 14% grades on turbine delivery route
  • Coordinated one-way traffic for
    6 miles of road
  • Built the Amasa Switchyard for PacificCorp
  • First aircraft radar system deployed